12 Beauty Tips That Have Stood the Test of Time

We’re conditioned to believe that we need to have the latest and greatest in everything. That includes beauty. This is understandable. There are more beauty tips, tricks and hacks than ever before and the newest products are better than ever. However, there are some beauty tips that transcend time and don’t depend on modern products. Here are XX tips that have stood the test of time.

1. Brush your hair nightly. It wasn’t just Marsha Brady who brushed her hair from roots to tips every night. Your mother and grandmother probably did the same, and so should you. Brushing your hair releases oils that give your hair a healthy sheen.

2. Use a wide tooth comb. If you live in humidity, the best thing you can do to avoid frizzy hair is not to buy expensive products. It’s to use a wide tooth comb. This is particularly true when your hair is dry. This will avoid getting your hair overloaded with product, which just makes the hair worse.

3. Soften skin before tweezing. Your mother may not have had Nair and other hair removal products, but she did rely on tweezers – just like you. In order to prepare to tweeze your eyebrows, always soften the skin with a cotton ball soaked in warm water or warm cream.

4. Dab a little hairspray on your brows. Thicker brows are all the rage right now, but what if your brows get a little unruly? Your mom didn’t just give herself giant bangs with Aqua Net, she used hairspray sparingly in other places. Just apply a touch of hairspray on an old toothbrush and brush upward, holding them in place.

5. Use your ring finger to apply moisturizer. If you watched mommy doing her makeup and skincare routine, you probably witnessed her dabbing around the eyes with her ring finger. There’s a reason for that: using the ring finger puts the least amount of pressure on the skin around the eyes.

6. Open up your eyes with lighter makeup. To open up your eyes and make yourself look fresher, use a small amount of ivory or gold eye makeup along the inner corners and just above the lashline.

7. Don’t test makeup on your wrist. While many shops now have testers for every foundation imaginable, many women still make the mistake of testing it on their wrist. The skin of the wrist isn’t close enough in shade to your face to give you a reliable look. Instead always test on your face or neck.

8. Never use circles of rouge. Way back in the 1930s, beauty magazines were advising women to never apply rouge in a circle above the cheeks. The right way to use rouge is to start far out on the cheekbones. Always blend as much as possible.

9. Don’t squeeze pimples. As a teenager your mother probably implored you not to squeeze your pimples. She was right. Popping your pimples could cause a pit or scar.

10. Use concealer to keep lipstick intact. To prevent lipstick from bleeding, pat just a little concealer around your mouth.

11. Don’t pucker. Don’t pucker your lips to put on lipstick. Instead smile. It’s the best way to ensure you cover your entire lips.

12. Microwave your lotion. Microwave your lotion for a few seconds before putting it on your skin. This will help it absorb better.

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