Discover New York’s Most Scary Abandoned Places

Have you ever watched videos of abandoned places on YouTube? Although it is often illegal to trespass in abandoned spaces, they have a haunting beauty that is fascinating. Maybe you’ve even traipsed through a building or two. New York state is filled with abandoned historical sites that will enchant you.

10. Halcyon Hall of Bennett College

Image: Wikipedia

Bennett College was a private girls’ high school and college that operated from 1890 to 1978. The highlight of its campus was Halcyon Hall, a 200-room Queen Anne building designed by James . Ware. It is five stories high and was meant to be a luxury hotel. It is a fine example of Gilded Age opulence. However, it fell into disrepair when the rest of the school went bankrupt. After pipes burst, the Hall suffered severe water damage. The roof has now caved in and there are trees growing through the building. It is a very popular site for urban explorers and photographers.

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