Are You Conditioning Your Hair Too Much or Not Enough? The Tell-Tale Signs

Do you condition your hair regularly? Conditioner is a great way to ensure that hair doesn’t develop split ends, and that it stays soft, silky and healthy, however, too much conditioner is too much of a good thing. If you don’t condition at all, you’re doing serious damage to your hair as well, because heat, coloring, and styling can lead to poor hair health. Read the warning signs, and see how you can fix these hair issues below.

You’re Conditioning Too Much If..

Your hair feels lifeless and limp, even after you wash, condition and blow-dry it. It also lacks volume and is hard to style.

You may experience these signs of conditioning too much, but they’re easy to fix. First, make sure that you’re washing all of your conditioner out thoroughly. If not, the conditioner will just sit on type of your hair, and add to the build up, causing it to be limp. Next, make sure you’re leaving your conditioner for at least 3 minutes every time you condition. Finally, you should start using a clarifying solution every month to restore your hair. You can either use a clarifying shampoo, or make a solution of 1 part apple cider vinegar (ACV) and 2 parts water. Suds up with it just like you would if you were using conditioner, let it sit, then rinse. The treatment of either ACV or a clarifying shampoo will help bring back the natural body and shine to your hair. If you have colored hair, do a small test of the ACV before using the whole thing. ACV is also a great natural treatment for dandruff.

You’re Not Conditioning Enough If….

Your hair is dry, frizzy and downright unmanageable. You may also have split ends or feel like your hair is soaking in every drop of shampoo. Do you see signs of hair breakage, such as hair that is shorter than surrounding strands? You can also do a simple test where you take a piece of hair and left it float in water. If it sinks,  your hair is thirsty and likely damaged. Healthy hair would float. Don’t worry, because you can get your hair back to good health again easily.

Start by conditioning your hair with a deep conditioner. Not every conditioner is one size fits all. You should look for the hair conditioner that best works with your hair type. If your hair is fine, you need a light conditioner (often marked as “weightless” or “light”), because using a heavy conditioner will weigh your hair down. If you have curly hair, shop for a conditioner made specifically for curly hair, because it will help you manage your curls and give you hair the nourishment it needs.

Once you’ve chosen your conditioner, wash your hair thoroughly with a gentle shampoo. Next apply your deep conditioner, following the directions on the bottle. Most instructions say to use a quarter-sized amount in your palms, then rub your hands together. You should work the conditioner through your hair, beginning at about the middle of the strands till you work your way towards the ends, which are usually the most thirsty pieces of hair. Don’t start at the roots, but instead, distribute what’s left throughout your roots and tips. You can use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb the conditioner through your hair as well. Next, let it sit for about 10 minutes in your hair. Different deep conditioners will have certain directions, so read them carefully. If the instructions same to use heat, use a hair dryer on a minimal setting. Finally, rinse with cold water thoroughly to make sure you got every trace of the deep conditioner out of your hair. Towel gently, and let it air dry.

You should deep condition 1 to 2 times a week if you have colored hair, most stylists say.

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