Clever Ways to Store Makeup and Beauty Tools in a Flash

A little bathroom clutter goes a long way towards keeping you from looking your best because your beauty routine means having your hair tools, makeup and beauty products handy in the morning or whenever you need them. However, too many of us just clutter our bathroom drawers, cram makeup into little bags, and create an all-around jumble of products, which can lead to time spent hunting down each little thing we need. These tips will change the way you organize your makeup forever, and make it so you can find any beauty item you need within minutes. You probably even own most of the tools I’ve showcased here, and if not, they’re all pretty affordable.

Organize and Store Makeup with Everyday Items

Store single eyeshadows in an empty mini ice cube try. The full trays work as well, but the minis are perfect if you have limited space.

Corral lip liners, lip pencils, brushes and mascara in pretty patterned pencil cups or a glass jar. Want a bit of color for clear cups? Put a handful of coffee beans or colored glass stones in the bottom. It’s best to store brushes this way, because keeping them upright helps them last longer. You can also use a toothbrush holder or empty candle votive.

Use a cake stand or rotating spice rack to store your everyday items used, such as favorite perfumes, bottles of foundation, nail polish and more.

Stack your big palettes in a magazine holder or desk organizer so you can see them and quickly get to them when needed. You can also use a lid organizer.

Store lip gloss in an empty wipe container. Just wash it out, and you may want to decorate it with pretty contact paper.

Keep nail polish contained in a plastic cookie jar or arranged on a metal spice rack on the wall.

Cover a metal board with contact paper, and stick your compacts on it with magnetic tape. They’ll be off the wall and it’s a cute decor choice.

Take an empty shoebox and decorate it with anything you like, then arrange your nail polish shades by color. Use a dab of each color on the tops so you can see exactly what shade each bottle contains.

Put your brushes in an adorable straw container to keep them dust-free and upright.

Store all of your makeup in a vintage suitcase, using kitchen utensil organizers to keep everything tidy and neat.

Limited on space? Arrange everything you use daily on an elegant tray.

Hair Tool Storage

Keep bobby pins off the floor and out of drawers by using a small piece of magnet on the wall.

Use a magazine holder to store hair straighteners and hair dryers.

Repurpose a kitchen utensil organizer for combs, brushes, and other hair items.

Use an over-the-door shoe holder to keep hair dryers and other hair items handy and out of the way.

Have a lot of hair products in cans? Keep them neat by stacking them in a wine rack or shallow dish in your bathroom drawer.

I hope this helps you get some order to your beauty and makeup supply. Most of the items I’ve mentioned here can be gathered from around the home or purchased cheap online, on eBay or in a store for less than $15 each. Happy organizing!

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