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Dry Shampoo: The Most Common Mistakes for this Hair Miracle

Dry shampoo is a beauty lifesaver, especially if you don’t have time to shower after leaving the gym, or if you overslept your alarm. By spraying your hair with dry shampoo, you get locks that look clean without actually washing them.  It’s a hair miracle for your beauty routine, but if you do it wrong, the results can be horrible.

Using the Wrong Type of Dry Shampoo

Some canisters of dry shampoo are sold for certain shades, and if you’re using the can for the wrong shade of hair, your hair will suffer. Be sure you use a can that’s for all shades or if you’re using one with a “touch of color,” use the can that most matches your hair color. For instance, you can see cans for blonde hair and brunette hair, so read the label carefully! You will also see brands labeled for color-treated hair, blow outs, and more.

Applying it All Over

Dry shampoo isn’t meant to be sprayed all over your hair, but instead, should be contained only to the top couple of inches of the head. You should spray at least six inches away from your roots, and never on the bottom of your tresses. That area of your hair is probably the least dirty, so adding the dry shampoo will just make it limp and gross-looking

Using it on Wet or Damp Hair

Some people can be under the assumption that the shampoo works on wet hair, but trust us, it doesn’t! Never spray it on wet or damp hair, because it won’t suds up, and your hair will look greasy, messy and weighed down.

Styling Too Soon After Application

You should wait a few minutes after applying the dry shampoo, so it can set into your hair. The best thing to do is spray according to the directions, wait and do something else in your beauty routine, then return to styling your hair. You will need to comb or blow-dry the dry shampoo through to make it work as well.

Using it Instead of Washing Your Hair At All

If you’re on your third can of dry shampoo and rarely wash your hair the traditional way, you may need to suds up. Stylists warn that using the dry shampoo after three days of not washing your hair will not give you the desired effect you want for your hair. Two days of not washing should generally be your limit.

Letting it Sit and Not Massaging It

Like a regular shampoo, you can’t expect your dry shampoo to clean your hair if it just sits there on your head. Wait 5 to 10 minutes after applying, then massage it through your roots and scalp so you get it clean. Don’t mess with your hair after finishing massaging it though, because you’ll get your hair greasy. Pick up a blow dryer instead.

If you’ve not tried dry shampoo, pick up a small trial can and try it. It can do wonders for your hair, and it’s perfect for all types of hair. One spray, and you’ll see how it’s a total beauty life-changer

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