Fix Yellow Elbows and Other Skin Issues with DIY Home Remedies

Yellow elbows. Cracked heels. Unsightly skin tags. All kinds of skin issues can crop up and make us feel less than beautiful. Did you know there’s a few easy ways to address these problems at home, DIY-style? These home remedies are gentle, all-natural ways of addressing common skin problems so you can feel radiant and beautiful once again.

Skin Tags

Apple cider vinegar comes to the rescue here. Place a bit of apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball, then dab it on you skin tag two to three times a day. Because apple cider vinegar is so acidic, the skin tag will eventually fall off.

Yellow Elbows and Knees

Do you have yellow elbows or knees? This condition is caused by exposure to the sun and the buildup of dead skin cells, which is why exfoliation is so important! Luckily, there are a few ways you can tackle your yellowed elbows or knees at home, without expensive creams.

Make a paste of milk and baking soda

The acid in the milk will reduce the skin’s yellowing, and the baking soda is a great natural exfoliant. Just rub the paste gently on your elbows and knees several times a week, and you’ll notice them getting gradually lighter.

Tackle the yellow with lemon juice

Take a lemon and cut in half, squeezing out the juice, then rub the hollow lemon parts over your elbows or knees, and let the juice sit for up to three hours, then rinse with warm water. Follow this up with moisturizer. Repeat the process for a few days and the skin will naturally fade.

Exfoliating and moisturizing your skin regularly will keep this from happening again. You can use an exfoliating cream or sugar scrub to keep dead skin cells from getting stuck in the creases of your elbows and knees, just be sure to not scrub too roughly.


As everyone’s skin is different, acne is a bit difficult to treat at home, but these are natural ways you can address the problem at its core.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a very effective way to kill bacteria in acne. Just dab a bit of it on the blemish or pimple with a cotton ball or cotton swab. Let it stay on your skin for several hours, or do it before bed. You’ll notice a reduction in the swelling and redness. You just want to be sure you buy 100% tea tree oil, not a cream or gel with it. This form of tea tree oil is the most effective for acne.

Honey, Lemon, Oatmeal Mask

You can have a little spa treatment in your home and also boost your skin’s health with these ingredients, plus a bit of tea tree oil. The oats are good for their anti-inflammatory properties, while honey is a good anti-bacterial solution, as is the lemon. The tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, something your skin will appreciate.

Take 2 tablespoons of finely-ground oats, and mix in a bowl with 2 tablespoons of honey, then add ½ teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. You can either buy it or squeeze the juice out of a lemon. Finally add 4 drops of tea tree oil and mix it all together in a paste. Apply to your face and leave for about 20 minutes, then gently rinse with warm water.

Cracked Heels

Not only are cracked heels unsightly, but the cracked skin can be painful and even get infected. There are a lot of creams on the market for this problem, but you can get the answer at your own home or local grocery store.

Lemon Juice

Cut a lemon in half, and rub one half on your feet, squeezing to run the juice on the skin of your heels for five minutes. Follow this up with a soft gentle scrub of your heels with a brush or washcloth, and rinse with warm water. The acid in the lemon will remove the dead skin cells.

Honey, Milk and Orange Juice

These three items will make your skin soft and smooth, plus the treatment smells great. The oranges are high in vitamin C, which your skill will use for collagen growth, while the honey traps moisture in your skin, and the milk softens and repairs your skin with vitamin A.

Take a cup of honey, and 2 tablespoons of whole milk then the juice of 1 orange. Warm up the honey and stir in the milk, then the juice of one orange, and make it into a solution. Rub the dry parts with the solution, and keep it on for 45 minutes. Rinse with warm water. You can also let it sit overnight if you have severe cracked heels.

See how easy these treatments are? Save yourself time and money by heading to “nature’s drugstore” for treatments to common skin issues. Make a spa night or weekend out of it by enjoying a favorite scented candle or a warm relaxing bath! You can take some time out to pamper yourself because you deserve it.


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