Galaxy Hair: Hair That’s Out of This World

There’s a new style that’s making waves on Instagram, and it can only be described as “super dreamy.” If you were to start browsing through pictures under hashtags like #hair or #haircolor or #galaxyhair, you would quickly see a few women pop up with multi-colored hair that looks out-of-this-world. This is the new style known as “galaxy hair,” a term used to describe hair that evokes the colors of the heavens, with shades of silver, blue, purple and green. Not only does this hair look amazing in person, just think of the Instagram “likes” you’ll get when you rock it! Here are a few things to know about galaxy hair.

What Colors Can Be Used in Galaxy Hair?

The brilliance of galaxy hair is that you can use a variety of colors to evoke the galaxy in your tresses. You may have seen the blue, green and purple versions, however, galaxy hair of pink is also popping up on Instagram.The key is to find an image of space or the galaxies, then grab the colors that appear in the picture. It’s all about the planets, stars, northern lights, and the galaxy. If you can find it in the galaxy, you can put it in your hair. The style is used to describe both full-color and end designs.

What Upkeep Does Galaxy Hair Require?

Galaxy hair is a pretty intense process. Many stylists have been quoted as saying the look can take up to five hours or more. If you’re a no-muss kind of gal you doesn’t relish the idea of sitting in a chair for that long, galaxy hair may not be good for you. It’s also expensive, since you’re using a number of different colors for the look.  The process means having your natural color lightened, then the pigments are applied, and made to fade into each color.

Once your tresses are colored to perfection, you can expect a lot of upkeep. Persons who are darker than platinum blond need to get their hair fixed every four to six weeks. The colors fade quickly, and you also need to make sure you take care of your hair once it’s done. This also means a strict regimen of shampoo, conditioning, using minimal heat, and babying your hair with swim caps, so if you’re a no-fuss kind of gal when it comes to hair, you might want to skip this trend. You’re going to want to use cold water to rinse — as cold as you can stand.

Not ready to commit to sitting in the chair and getting the complete look? You can play with coloring your hair with hair chalk.  You’ll get the same fun hues in your hair, just on a lesser scale. It also requires less upkeep. I recommend L’Oreal Technique Liquid Chalk Temporary Intense Hair Makeup, which is available in most beauty stores for under $10.00, and comes in pink, purple, and other colors.

Whether you go with the salon treatment for your galaxy hair, or just decide to play with color on the ends, you’ll get a style that’s fun, creative, and intergalactic.

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