Hot or Cold Showers: Which Are Best for Beauty?

Cold showers may sound great to you in the summer months, but now that the temperatures are dipping, nobody really wants to take the icy plunge! The sad fact is that a cold shower is actually good for you, and should be a part of your beauty routine. You may not be able to stand a cold shower every day (though it will help you wake up easier!), but you should try to have cooler temperature showers at least once or twice a week. Here’s why.

Hot Showers vs. Cold Showers 

It’s cold, and it’s snowing, so your first instinct may be to jump in the shower to get warm. Resist the temptation to go hot, because hot water is brutal on our skin in the winter, or you’ll strip your skin of its natural guard against dirt, oil, and buildup, which can then lead to acne and other skin issues. If you have eczema, hot water is terrible for your skin, because it can worsen the condition. If you do like the occasional hot shower, be sure you use a lotion or moisturize to keep your skin from drying out — I love the Nivea In-Shower Lotion line. You just apply

You’ll get dry itchy skin quicker each time you turn up the heat, and then you’ll be forced to over-moisturize. Hot water is also bad for your hair too, because it strips oils, and makes your hair more susceptible to breaking. You do need hot water to wash your hair, but it should be done in moderation! Hot or warm water will help you open the hair cuticles when you cleanse and condition, so you can remove oil, dirt and buildup.  Your skin needs these things, so don’t get rid of them!

On the other hand, too much cold water can also have its drawbacks. First, it’s chilly, so your skin won’t be too happy, and neither will you! Cold water can also reduce the volume of your hair. However, it also has its benefits, because it makes your hair shine and helps clean your scalp. Your scalp will also have better circulation, which makes it nourish your hair quicker and thoroughly.

The best thing to do is try to achieve a balance for your hair. You can use the warm water to wash your hair, so you can get the clean hair you desire. Then follow it up with a good douse of cold water to rinse, so the cuticles you just opened can close, and stay healthy. If you have brightly-colored hair, you want to use cold water to rinse every time so the color maintains its vibrancy.

Psychologists have even touted cold water as a good treatment for depression. Not to mention, a cold shower can help boost your immune system. There are even cold water facials because it helps keep your skin tighter, firmer, and even ease redness. The final kicker? Cold water has been proven to increase the metabolism rate of your body, which helps burn fat. So jump in, get cold, get clean, and get out to the tune of these valuable benefits.

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