How to Choose the Best Eyeshadow Shades

How to Choose the Right Eyeshadow Color

If wandering through the makeup aisles makes you dizzy and unable to pick a new shade or you’re sick of choosing the same plain eyeshadow each time you do your makeup, it’s time for you to switch up your shades. Although you should feel free to wear every eye shadow you desire, if you want to know which one looks best with your skin color and eye color, you’ve come to the right place!

Opposites Attract

One of the best things to remember when picking an eyeshadow is that opposites attract. This means that you if you choose a shade opposite your eye color’s place on the color wheel, it will make your eyes pop. For instance, brown eyes look great with blue eyeshadow, and vice versa. Here’s a rundown of exactly what color combinations work well together:

Brown Eyes: Blue,

Blue Eyes: Brown, bronze

Green Eyes: Purple, pink, silver

Hazel eyes encompass several colors, so you can consider what you want your eyeshadow to do before you make a choice. If you want to highlight the brown elements, then a rich brown, gold or green will do nicely. If you want to enhance your green, you can use bronze or eggplant eyeshadow colors. 

Match to Skin or Hair

If you want to match your eyecolor to your skin, it’s simple to do, you just need to choose the colors that won’t get lost or look invisible once applied. The darker your skin is, the softer a shade will appear, so keep this in mind when you choose a soft eyeshadow palette. Bright and vibrant colors look wonderful on darker skin, so go bold with purples and golds.

If you’re more fair, you want to stay away from gray tones, because they’ll look mottled or like a bruise, because of your skin’s pigment. Instead you can go for softer shades, as experts warn going too bright takes attention away from your overall look.

Haircolor can also be a consideration in choosing the perfect eyeshadow shade. A rule of thumb is that the darker your hair is, the easier it is to wear bold, bright colors. The trick is to only embrace the bright on one part of your face, such as your lips or your eyes, so as to not let the makeup overpower the look. Did you dye your hair a bright colorful color, or are you currently sporting galaxy hair? You can choose eye shadows that work best with those hue as well! See a list of some possible combinations below.

Purple Hair: Purple, gold and green

Pink Hair: Pink

Red: Red, pink, bold yellow
I can’t say enough that you shouldn’t feel bound by these tips or “rules,” because makeup is all about self-expression. If you like wearing a certain shade, feel free to do so, because if it makes you feel good, then that’s the best reason to choose it. However, if you’re looking to change up your makeup routine or try something new, you can take these tips as a guidebook toward choosing your new favorite shade for the season.

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