How to Get a Perfect Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the most versatile hairstyles you can do, because it can be used in both formal and casual occasions. What few know is that a perfect ponytail is possible, and you can do this hairstyle without getting that little dent or stray hair sticking out with the right steps and tools. Here’s tips that anyone can do, whether they’re a celebrity, a busy mom, a teen girl, or even a dad trying to fix his daughter’s hair!

Messy Ponytails

If you want a better “messy” ponytail, don’t try it with newly-washed hair. The secret to the messy look is to use unwashed hair, but if you must have the look with clean hair, you can use texturizer, working your fingers through your hair while blowdrying it.

The Right Height

As we’ve seen on the red carpets, ponytails can be just as chic and fabulous as a bun or other glam hairstyle. The chic quality comes from where you place it, and how sleek or textured the hair is when it’s in the ponytail. If you want a sleek, sophisticated ponytail, you should treat it with a straitening balm and hair straightening. You can also do a low ponytail or middle placement, both of which work well with less straight hair.

Fix the Flyaway

Are you tired of having those little stray pieces of hair poke out from your ponytail or hang on the sides of your face? A serum will help tame them, keeping them down for good. Just use it with slightly damp hair, as it will be easier to work with than dry hair. You can also hairspray or small bobby pins.

Use the Right Tools

Your ponytail is only as good as the tools you use to style it, so make sure that you have the right elastic bands. Don’t buy the cheap ones that are tiny, and then try to cram your whole ponytail in them. Instead look for brands that say “no snag” or “no ouch.” Also try to avoid the elastic band options that contain a metal ring, because this can snag your hair and hurts when removed.

Hide the Band

Are you tired of having a gorgeous ponytail, only to have your elastic band still visible? You can use your hair to cover the band! The best way is to take a piece of hair not far from your ponytail, then curl it, to make it easier to work with, finally, wrapping it and securing with a bobby pin.

Fake it Till You Make It

Pull an Ariana Grande and get a perfect ponytail with little fuss! How? Ponytail extensions. These extensions can clip into your hair and instantly give you a perfect ponytail in minutes. What’s better is that you can buy them in all kinds of styles and colors, including pinks, blues, and more, so it’s a chance for you to get wild! I recommend a brand like Hairdo Simply Straight from Ulta. This company sells ponytail extensions in a variety of colors and lengths.

No matter the season, a ponytail is always in style, so I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration towards your new favorite hairdo!

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