How to Prepare Your Skin for Cold Weather

As we’re experiencing low temperatures across the U.S., it’s a good time to look at your winter skincare routine. If you don’t have a solid winter skincare routine, it’s time to start one and make sure you’re taking care of your skin well. The coldest months present new challenges for your skin care regime. These are our best tips for maintaining a healthy glow all year round.


Prepare for winter by exfoliating your summer and early fall dry skin. A gentle exfoliant will remove dry skin from your body and face. There are several top products available to exfoliate, but you can also use natural substances like sugar, oatmeal or sea salt. Those with sensitive skin should opt for oatmeal because it is one of the most gentle substances and it naturally absorbs excess oil.


We know that women get tired of being told to drink water, but you are just as likely to be dehydrated in winter as you are in summer. The difference is that in winter, you often don’t realize you are dehydrated until your skin is already flaky, itchy and dry. Get yourself off to a good start each day by bringing a bottle of water with you every morning.


Most heating systems pump hot, dry air inside the house, and that can wreak havoc on your skin. Make sure you moisturize by choosing a product that includes glycerin, fatty acids, hydroponic acid and anti-oxidants to combat free radical damage. A moisturizer with anti-inflammatory ingredients will help reduce irritation and normalize skin cells.


You keep most of your body covered in winter, but don’t forget to protect your face and neck from the harsh winer sun. Rather than buying summer sunscreen, focus on using a quality moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15.

Guard Your Lips

All women want soft, luscious lips. But the cold weather can make your lips feel dry and cracked. To get ready for winter, slough off the dead skin by using an exfoliant made just for lips. Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub is extra moisturizing and less abrasive than many of the lip exfoliants on the market. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish is a sugar scrub that creates the optimal canvas for lipstick.  Finally, be sure to stock up on lip balm that will nourish your lips.

Eat and Drink Right

Your diet can affect your skin’s health and appearance. Consider adding some skin-boosting nutrients in your regular meals. Liquids like milk, ghee, and honey are great for your skin, while foods that contain healthy fats such as avocado or salmon will give your face a healthy, vibrant glow.

Don’t Forget The Hands

Protect your hands from looking grey and old by always wearing gloves when the temperature dips below 45. Since your hands have the fewest sweat glands in your body, that makes them more susceptible to dryness. After you wash your hands, don’t forget to moisturize. Be sure to avoid wool, especially if you have sensitive skin, since wool can be irritating.



Unless your home is heated by radiator, you will be susceptible to extreme dryness. That’s because central heat and space heaters force hot and dry air into your environment. But you don’t have to be at the mercy of central heat. Just use a humidifier in your bedroom to ensure that you have a more balanced air system while you sleep. Don’t like humidifiers? A bowl of water will work just as well. The beset placement  for a water bowl is right in front of your air vents for maximum effectiveness.

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