How to Shave for Silky Smooth Legs Every Time

No matter what reason you need to shave your legs, whether it’s for beauty, comfort, or athletics, getting a good shave is easier than you think. It doesn’t matter how coarse or fine your hair is anyone get a good shave if they use the right steps and tools.

Prepare Your Skin

Exfoliate your skin before beginning to shave. You can use a sugar scrub or exfoliating gloves in the shower. This will take care of dead cells and help you get a closer, smoother shave, and reduce the risk of developing ingrown hairs. Your razor also won’t get clogged as easily, because it will shave on the cleanest skin possible. Never exfoliate after shaving, because your skin will be quite sensitive! You should also make sure that your skin is wet, and never shave dry skin. You’ll nick yourself and may have razor burn, which nobody likes. Your skin is softer when wet, and that will help the blade get a more even cut. Warm water will help soften your hair so use the warmest water you can.

satin-care-shave-gelLather Up

Apply baby oil to avoid razor burn, then the shaving cream. You can shave with a number of creams, oils or solutions. There are mutiple shaving creams for women, but I prefer EOS Ulta Moitsturizing Shave Cream. It comes in great scents and is less than $5 at the drugstore. I’m partial to Lavender Jasmine, and it leaves your skin smooth.

There also substitutes for shaving cream: You can shave with conditioner, men’s shaving cream olive oil, coconut oil, but never shampoo, because the ingredients will dry out your skin. Soap is also not recommended, because the lahther isn’t really enough to soften your skin for a good clean shave. Some beauty bloggers on the Internet have recommended honey or even peanut butter, but I won’t even try these. Test the substitute on your skin and shave a small batch before proceeding with your entire leg.

shaving-legBegin Shaving

Start at your ankles and save up towards the length of your leg. The leg hairs grow down, so you’ll need to shave up. Take your time and go over the spots carefully, twice but don’t go overboard on one spot. You should shave against the hair, then follow that up by shaving with the hair grain.

Rinse your razor thoroughly throughout the process to remove the collected hairs. Be extra careful on the more tender areas of your legs, such as your knees, ankles, and shins.You want a light touch on those areas.

Be patient. Never rush your shaving because this can lead to nicks and burns. The methodical pace is worth it, because you’ll come out with soft smooth legs that you love.

Once you’re done shaving, rinse with cold water, which will help make your skin tight and smooth.

Razor Tips

Never shave with a dull razor, because it’s easier to receive nicks and razor burn. You should replace any razor after 4-5 times of shaving. Some disposable razors work well for some women, while others prefer the refillable kind. You’ll have to test which ones work best for you. I only buy Gilette, because Target and other stores usually have a deal on them, and they’re pretty affordable.

Don’t share razors with anyone. This means not your wife, sister, girlfriend or roommate. One reason is because some people have coarser hair than others, which can dull a blade faster (especially men), and the other reason is that you run the risk of getting Hepatitis C. The risk of minimal, but still, why take risks?

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