Let Your Netflix Faves Inspire Your Wardrobe

Let’s get real–we all spend way too much time binge-watching Netflix, am I right? It just seems impossible to just watch one or even two episodes of a show; this sudden urge to watch every episode ever made comes rushing over your entire body. Well, you’re not alone! Nearly 70% of Americans admit to binge-watching TV shows, according to one study done at Deloitte, a consulting and risk management firm based in Seattle.  Since streaming apps like Netflix have become so important to our everyday lives, it’s no surprise that the Internet has obsessed over just about everything that has to do with Netflix and the shows we all love so much.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, your favorite shows inspire your life more than you’d like to think. So why not give your wardrobe a revamping inspired by your favorite fashionable characters? It’s like catching up on your favorite TV romances and their petty drama all while stealing fashion inspo from them, right from your couch. This is also a perfect time to give your social media pages a good refreshing so you can stand out among all the chic fall fashion that is upon us. Get ahead of the game and recreate some of the best trends from 2017.

For example, let’s grab some inspiration from a couple of the top-rated Netflix shows and you’ll see just how easy it can be. According to Business Insider, the top five shows based on social media followings on Netflix are: “13 Reasons Why”, “Chasing Cameron”, “Fuller House”, “Luke Cage”, and “Stranger Things”–yes, I can even pull style fashion from a show with children as the stars (we’re all just big kids at heart).

LOS ANGELES – JUN 28: Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp at the “Stranger Things” Season 3 World Premiere at the Santa Monica High School on June 28, 2019 in Santa Monica, CA

For those of you who haven’t seen this show, it’s a daring drama/mystery which chillingly depicts the angst of feeling lost in a not so kind world, the act of suicide, and teenage grief, making it one of Netflix’s most intellectually stimulating shows. The dark storyline is modern and intimate; critics have praised the cast performances as well as the sensational visuals, which is what I’d like to focus on. Although the show is dark and the subject matter depressing, the fashion can actually bring you some fall inspiration. This show is a must-see because the subject matter needs to be openly discussed because it has the potential to save many lives, but why not grab a little inspo while you’re at it to lighten up the mood. Here is a perfect example of both men’s and women’s fashion in the show–jewel tones and lace for her, and sneakers and a bomber jacket for him. Chic, sophisticated, yet still young and playful.

“Chasing Cameron” is an American reality TV show, which has grabbed the attention of nearly 1.3 million viewers, according to Business Insider. The show stars Vine comedian and social media influencer Cameron Dallas and his crew as they tour the world for meet and greets. The reason for the high social media activity is probably due to the shows intimate view on the price of Internet fame and stardom. Cameron has a California cool style that is always up with the latest trends, yet he always maintains a personal touch. It’s quite easy to get fashion tips from the show because it not only features casual looks for every day, but Season 2 will most likely show his strut on the Dolce and Gabbana catwalk.

A comedy series many of you might recognize is the show “Fuller House”. The show is a spin-off of the original 90’s show “Full House”, which stared many child actors including the Olsen twins, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber. Some of them have returned for the second take of the hit show, and have resumed adult versions of their previous characters. People love this show because of the nostalgia that it brings and the light heartedness we all desire at the end of a hard day. Did we mention how modern all the cast looks in their perfectly customized wardrobes? Here is a picture of your favorite kids all grown up on set–pretty swanky huh? Every time I watch this show I’m always impressed by how good everyone looks!

Next time you binge watch hunky Mike Colter on Marvel’s hit series “Luke Cage” you may start to notice something other than all those muscles. The series is based off the comic of the same name, giving you all the action-packed fantasy you could ever want. It’s hard to avoid the biker-babe vibe both of these characters give off, making this show inspirational to both men’s and women’s fashion. Their outfits never stray far from their signature look, yet somehow they bring in new and exciting things that are personalized to each character. Watching this show definitely, makes me want to lean into my edgy side.

I know it may seem weird that I’m trying to pull fashion inspiration from a show that stars mostly children, but if you’ve ever seen the show, then you know you wouldn’t mind being apart of their gang, any day. The premise of the show is about a missing boy who was last seen in a town who had been experiencing mysterious supernatural events. The Duffer Brothers created the hit series to not only be a science fiction drama with “child-like sensibilities” but also to give homage to the iconic pop-culture of the 1980’s. Who doesn’t love a good 80’s inspired outfit?! If you think you don’t, think again–80’s style has been making its way back into your wardrobe for the last couple of years, and this show is proof of public interest. So next time you tune in to rewatch every episode that you already binged watched the moment it came out, check out the awesome style that so effortlessly makes its way into the visuals.

P.S. Don’t try and convince me that you can’t walk into any Urban Outfitter’s and find everything pictured above.


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