Make Your Lipstick Last and Last With These Simple Steps

A gorgeous lipstick always looks good no matter what season, but if you hate the way your lipstick fades throughout the day, listen up! Long-lasting lipstick has been promised to us by years by beauty companies who say it can stand up to drinking, eating, and even smoking, but how true is this? You probably realize that after a long day, you’ve had to reapply your lipstick at least once. Most lipsticks on the market aren’t a long-lasting type, so you need to be clever about making the application stay from morning to night. Pucker up, because here’s the essential tips you need for making lipstick last and last.

Healthy Lips Hold Lipstick Longer

If your lips aren’t smooth and healthy, then your lipstick will slide right off. Make sure your lips are ready for lipstick by exfoliating them so no dead or dry flakes of skin are present. You can exfoliate with a toothbrush or use an exfoliating balm. If you go the toothbrush route, you want to buy an extra toothbrush that’s labeled “soft,” as other toothbrushes will be too abrasive for your lips’ delicate skin. If you’d rather use a product, try e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator for a beauty bargain under $10.  After your lips are soft and smooth, follow up your exfoliation with a moisturizing balm. Many women swear by Maybelline Baby Soft Lips, which is also available for under $10.00.

Line Your Lips

Line your lips with your preferred lipliner, and go around the lips beginning from the bow of the upper lip and tracing the outer lips. You can then fill in your lips with the same lipliner. This will give the lipstick something to stick too, and now that you exfoliated earlier, it will be easier for both liner and lipstick to stay. Now you can apply the lipstick once you’ve established the base with lipliner.  Many beauty experts recommend using a lip brush because it allows for an even coat. You can try a lip brush like the Revlon Covered Lip Brush to easily guide the color on. After you’ve finished the application, blot your tips with a tissue, then touch up any color you need. Some beauty fans will “set” their lipstick with a dab of translucent powder with an eyeshadow brush, then apply more lipstick, but if this is too tedious, you can skip it.

Optional: Prime lips with a bit of concealer before the lipliner or lipstick, but this is a personal choice. You can also use a lip stain with your lipstick to add a cool effect and more depth in color.

Clean Up the Edges 

You should clean up the areas around your lips, and you have two options: foundation or concealer. Both will let you erase any stray lipstick off the edges of your mouth, and make your look perfect.

Now when you buy some of the hot new fall colors in lipstick, you will be an expert at applying it to last. Don’t forget to use a straw for any drinks you have during the day, because the straw will keep your lipstick on longer.

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