Rescued Pit Bull Goes On Adventures With His Celebrity Dad

Stray dogs have a tough life on the streets, but a puppy wandering the streets shortly after Hurricane Harvey is a terrible sight. People passed by her and avoided the little pit bull. She was in terrible pain. Fortunately, she was taken to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. Her odds of thriving were not in her favor, as her medical issues piled up. Her skin was red, the fur was almost gone, and her eyes were almost shut from Demodex mange.

The pup almost lost hope, but then A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue took her in, and she has indeed blossomed into a lovely and famous pooch!

20. A Shy Puppy

The little pit bull was found on the streets in Texas. She entered the animal shelter, and it was obvious that her condition was not great. Her coat was thin, and her body was filled with mange.

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