Save Time with an Easy 5-Minute Makeup Routine

If you’re in a hurry, you may be like me and will just skip makeup or do a bit of blush, and call it a day before you dash out the door. Or do you maybe spend too much time on your makeup? Are you kind of person that will spend two hours perfecting their look, and do you wonder how you can make the process faster? You can trim your makeup routine to less than 10 minutes using these quick tips.

Clean Up

First, sure your face is clean. You don’t want to makeup on your skin if it has buildup and oil, because that can clog your pores. Use a facial cleansing cloth to wipe off all of the crud that may have built up from your pillows and sheets, then it’s time to get to work. Next, moisturize. You should try using a moisturizer with sunscreen year-round each day, because sunburn (not to mention windburn) can occur year-round if the sun is out.

Conceal the Bad Spots

Tired, rundown eyes never look good the next morning, and if you go makeup free, your under-eye circles only stand out even more. However, you may go overboard trying to cover them up, which can cause your makeup routine to run 30 minutes to an hour over what you expected. Your weapon is a good concealer and it works against blemishes too.  Dot concealer under your eyes only in the spots that need concealing, then blend carefully. You should choose concealers in colors that help erase instead of enhancing these areas. For example, redness is erased with green-tinted concealers. You can go on the drugstore route, with a concealer from Maybelline or Loreal, but if you want to have a step up, concealers from Bobbi Brown are a favorite for many beauty bloggers, and is pretty affordable.

You can also use primer, some of which are available in tinted colors. Apply it using your fingertips all over your place. A primer helps smooth your skin and primes it for foundations. Some primer can help you skip concealer, though you can still apply both.

Cheeks, Lips and Eyes

Now that your foundation is on, it’s time to address your cheek color. A creme blush is a quick way to add color, and takes less time to apply than a power blush. You also use less this way.

You can still have beautiful, luscious lips without spending time lining and coloring them in. The best way to do this? A nice shiny lipgloss. You’ll add color and shine, without having to use two separate lip makeups.

Add some pop to your eyes by curling your eyelashes, then do a quick session of eye liner. Remember not to go too heavy on lips and eyes, because you should emphasize one or the iother, not both.  Not fond of eye liner, or can you not do it in a hurry? Dab on a little cream eye shadow and blend with your finger.

Now you’ve got your madeup face in less than 10 minutes. Sit back and use that extra time to grab a drink, because you deserve it! This handy 5 minute makeup routine is perfect for students, moms, and anyone who doesn’t have much time to get ready in the morning.

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