These Comfy Boyfriend Jeans Will Have You Ditching Your Skinny Jeans In No Time

Unlike finding a real life boyfriend, finding a pair of boyfriend jeans that will make all of your dreams come true is a much easier feat. Boyfriend jeans are the polar opposites of the ever so popular skinny jeans, as they are slouchy, laid-back, and more ‘tomboyish’ in design. However, boyfriend jeans have been blowing up the fashion market as more and more women begin to fall in love with the design. Unlike skinny jeans that grip onto your thighs and calves for dear life, boyfriend jeans happen to let your legs breathe while giving you an urban vibe. If you’ve been on the lookout for an out of this world pair of boyfriend jeans, then may we suggest the Topshop MOTO Oversized Boyfriend Jeans.

This fabulous pair of boyfriend jeans is the perfect slouchy and oversized fit. The jeans feature a soft cotton design, multiple practical pockets, authentic denim trims, and a balloon leg finish. What truly makes these boyfriend jeans stand out as well is the added white stripe design, which can give your figure a more elongated look. This is especially helpful for those of us who fall in the below average height range. Just pair these babies up with the perfect platform heels and you’ll look as tall as a skyscraper. The jeans are available on Topshop’s site for $80, making them a fantastic under $100 purchase. Treat yourself this spring and rock these comfy and stylish boyfriend jeans – you’ll never want to go back to you skinny jeans again!

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