Want Great Nail Art? The Essential Nail Art Tools You Need for Killer Designs

Our nails are a great way to show our personality, but how many of us can really afford to go to the salon for a manicure  or pedicure every couple of weeks? With most nail services priced at $20 and up, the cost for even two weeks to the salon really adds up. Like many women, I wanted nails that were amazing, healthy and fun, but I wanted to get the same cute looks that the salon offers in my own house. So after careful research online, I decided to put together the tools and tricks that helped me meet my goal. Here’s a list of the essential nail art tools that you need for fun and artistic nails.

Tools of the Trade

Toothpicks – You’ll use these to make very fine lines in your nail art designs. Try stashing them in an old Altoids tin that you’ve covered with pretty paper, stickers, or other decorations. That way you’ll have them handy in your beauty drawer, instead of scattered to kingdom come.

Kid’s glue – Remember how some kids were fascinated with putting glue on their hands, watching it dry, then peeling it off? Admit it, you did it! Well, you can use kids glue for your glitter application to your nails. I recommend taking a well-washed empty nail polish bottle, and pouring some of the glue in there, that way you can dab it on with a nail polish brush. Craft and kid’s glue makes a perfect peel-off top coat.

Cotton Balls – Cotton balls are a must! They’ll help remove smudges, fix errors, etc, when dabbed with a little nail polish remover, which you should know by now you need.

Nail Art Supplies

Nail art pens – Sometimes, a girl doesn’t have time to do intricate whimsical designs, but still wants their nails to look good, especially for pictures. Nail art pens let you doodle designs in a flash over nearly any color, and they dry quickly. Sally Hansen is one popular brand I like, because they have a nice range of colors available, including nail art pens in bright pink and electric blue.

Nail Stamping Kits – Want to apply designs right to your nails without fuss? Nail stamping kits are just the way to do it, and you don’t have to be an artisan to use them either. Add hearts, apples, and all kinds of little designs on your nails with the pre-made stamps.

Nail Stripers – Nail stripers look like nail polish but they use a long thin bristled brush. They’re good for adding fine lines and small details of color. You can buy a full range of nail striper colors, including white, black, grey, blue, red, etc. Add a few basic colors to your nail art kit so you can do nails like a pro.

Nail Dotter – A nail dotter is used to create dots in your nail design. A basic kit of nail dotters will feature several dot sizes and may be double-ended. They’re perfect for polka-dotted nails, plus any design that starts with a small or large dot.  Your designs will look painstakingly-applied, but you’ll get them done in half the time.

Nail art brushes – For details like lines, swirls, and other things that require a steady hand, a nail art brush is a must. They come in different shapes, such as fan-shaped, flat, flat angled, and thin. Many times you’re able to find them in a set, which is good, because it lets you practice using all kinds of strokes.

Striping Tapes- Use these thin slices of easy-peel to tape great flawless stripes and lines on your nails with ease. You’ll find the tapes available in bright colors, metallics and more. Ooh la la!

This list features items that cost an average of $6 or less, which makes it possible for any woman to do her nails in a cute and affordable way. Take a trip to your local Walgreens, Target, or Walmart to see any of these items, or simply browse for a few on Amazon. You’ll quickly become addicted to creating tons of great nail art designs.

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